Lisbonne l’essentiel travel book

Lisbonne l’essentiel, a travel book in French

Publishing house : Editions Nomades (2014)

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Spreading the word and raising awareness

public relations agency

Kumquat has established itself as a go-to resource for travel and hospitality brands among the top editors, freelancers and digital influencers who drive editorial trends in France. Having a strong PR strategy and crucially the right stories with strong narratives are vital in order to achieve the right media coverage.

Delivering the media coverage that Kumquat’s clients want is one of our core services. Kumquat achieves numerous pieces of media coverage every year, whether it’s television or radio, national, regional or local newspapers, trade or sectoral media, or the online world. Drop us a line here and we will be happy to send through a couple of examples !

Kumquat understands and uses traditional PR values and practices to generate online results that perform.

Kumquat’s public relations services include :

  • Identifying target print and broadcast journalists (more than 600 French travel & lifestyle journalists and bloggers in Kumquat’s database)
  • Advising on how you present to the media in France
  • Tailoring materials and story angles for your audiences to maximise your media coverage (media kits, newsletters and press releases)
  • Organizing tailor-made events or press trips both for media and digital influencers
  • Creating your narrative and selling in your stories to the media
  • Full media monitoring
  • Production of corporate materials e.g. monthly reports

Digital PR

Kumquat can assist you in building, operating digital channels and making the connections that boost your reach in France.

Whether it’s a targeted online PR campaign or a longer term brand building and reputation management assignment, Kumquat can bring support in closing the gaps in your online presence.

digital pr

The agency has the experience and understanding to build your profile, improve your reputation and produce meaningful results online, using digital tools.

Kumquat’s digital PR services include :

  • Digital PR campaigns : designing and executing strategic online PR campaigns, ensuring your messages are defined and effective
  • Social networking : helping you to widen your social networks online and target the most relevant stakeholders in France
  • Influencer marketing : digital influencers and bloggers are a well-established means of communicating directly with the online community, and are a key way to reach to your audience.

Every travel or hospitality brand has a story to tell

Nowadays, travel and hospitality brands need to go the extra mile when it comes to creating attention-grabbing content that distinguishes their expertise and earns bookings.

Content marketing isn’t a one-time, short-term campaign. It’s about continuously engaging and providing value for your customers.

Webpages that feature enriching content rank better on Google, convert more customers and, most importantly, provide a better end-user experience.

content marketing hospitality

Why should you care about content when dealing with the French market ?

Because content marketing is all about :

  • Building relationships with French travelers
  • Showcasing your expertise
  • Helping SEO
  • Driving traffic
  • Developing loyalty
  • Telling a story
  • Driving bookings

Marketing tells the world that you are a five-star hotel or world-class destination. Content marketing showcases some of those five-star services or major assets.

When it comes to travel and hospitality, the potential for a creative and unique style for your business is great.  Marketing your hotel or destination online can be an excellent opportunity to both drive French customers to your business and to flex your creative internet marketing muscles.


Creating a cohesive content marketing strategy is the key

Through editorial calendars, publishing schedules, tone of voice guidelines and enticing copy, alongside insight from analytics, Kumquat creates a cohesive strategy to ensure that content is created in a controlled and timely manner.

Shall we get started ?

Television program about Australia

Echappées Belles (France) – 2015

In 2015, French television program Echappées Belles broadcasted 2 episodes about Australia on France 5 channel.

When working at Article Onze agency from 2014-2015, Sabrina liaised with the production company (Bô Travail) in order to induce this popular French travel TV program to organize filmings in Australia. Echappées Belles did several shootings throughout Australia.

Travel arrangements : Tourism Australia

Coordination of the visit : Sabrina and Article Onze Tourisme

Client : Tourism Australia

échappées belles australie

Independant Public Relations and Influencer Marketing agency in France

Why working with Kumquat ?

Kumquat’s is a France-based independant public relations agency. The agency’s founder has over 10 years of work experience with communications and PR.

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Sabrina Pessanha Foucaud was born in Paris to parents from Spain and Portugal. As a dedicated professional, she has a deep knowledge of French media outlets, especially travel & lifestyle editors, and also digital influencers. Sabrina has an excellent sense of ways to reach out to your audience : editors, bloggers, other digital influencers and online communities. At her spare time, she runs a travel blog called Détours du monde.

Quick career overview
Core expertise

★ Valuable knowledge of French travel operators, media outlets and online communities

★ Deep understanding of digital PR and social media ;

★ Extensive expertise of generating and implementing effective communication strategies.