French VIP visits Australia

Christophe Michalak – Pastry chef, France

Context : as part of the Restaurant Australia campaign, Tourism Australia invited the famous French pastry chef Christophe Michalak and his wife to take part in personalised tours throughout Australia.

Date : November 2014

Locations : Sydney ; Brisbane ; Hobart (Australia)

Project management : Sabrina Pessanha Foucaud c/o Article Onze Tourisme

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Digital influencers in Australia part II

Media visit – Food blogger from France

« Australia invites the world to dinner »

In Nov 2014, international influencers took part in personalised tours throughout Australia, from Melbourne’s rooftop bars to Sydney’s Asian hotspots to Central Australia’s bush tucker, culminating with the Invite the World to Dinner gala at MONA on November 14. Learn more

Participant from France : Papilles et Pupilles (Anne Lataillade, food & wine digital influencer)

Date : November 2014

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Project management & coordination : Sabrina Pessanha Foucaud c/o Article Onze Tourisme

Client : Tourism Australia

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Press trips Sport & Style

10 pools made in Sydney (December 2015)


On a marché sur la terre rouge (May 2016)

A press trip arranged by Tourism Australia for the high-end lifestyle magazine, Sport & Style (France). Back home, media published 2 large stories : one about Sydney pools, and a second story about Australia‘s Red Centre.

Media outlet circulation : 200,000 copies

Estimated media value : 240,000 €

Coordination : Sabrina Pessanha Foucaud c/o Article Onze Tourisme.

Client : Tourism Australia

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press trip red centre australia

Television program about Australia

Echappées Belles (France) – 2015

In 2015, French television program Echappées Belles broadcasted 2 episodes about Australia on France 5 channel.

When working at Article Onze agency from 2014-2015, Sabrina liaised with the production company (Bô Travail) in order to induce this popular French travel TV program to organize filmings in Australia. Echappées Belles did several shootings throughout Australia.

Travel arrangements : Tourism Australia

Coordination of the visit : Sabrina and Article Onze Tourisme

Client : Tourism Australia

échappées belles australie

Press trip Le Monde

Sydney, ville à dévorer (May 2015)

A press trip arranged by Tourism Australia and coordinated by Sabrina (Article Onze agency) for journalist Thomas Doustaly, Le Monde.

Media circulation : 267,000 copies

Estimated media value : 150,000 €

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