Independant Public Relations and Influencer Marketing agency in France

Why working with Kumquat ?

Kumquat’s is a France-based independant public relations agency. The agency’s founder has over 10 years of work experience with communications and PR.

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Sabrina Pessanha Foucaud was born in Paris to parents from Spain and Portugal. As a dedicated professional, she has a deep knowledge of French media outlets, especially travel & lifestyle editors, and also digital influencers. Sabrina has an excellent sense of ways to reach out to your audience : editors, bloggers, other digital influencers and online communities. At her spare time, she runs a travel blog in French called Détours du monde.

Core expertise

★ Valuable knowledge of French travel operators, media outlets and online communities

★ Deep understanding of digital PR and social media ;

★ Extensive expertise of generating and implementing effective communication strategies

Quick career overview